River Cruise Dining, Riverside Dining, Kaiseki Cuisine & Genuine Hospitality!

Ryotei Amisada, A restaurant by historic Setono-karahashi Bridge specialised in Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine and river boat dining cruises!
Relax and enjoy to your hearts content best Japanese cuisine in tatami mat rooms by the riverside caressed by the gentle river breeze!

Otsu city, The Lake Resort adjoining Kyoto

Otsu, the city adjacent to the well-known tourist destination Kyoto was a flourishing post town a few hundred years ago. With its remnants of bygone days, Otsu city still offers an atmosphere and feel of the old Japan.

Are you aware that the largest lake in Japan is located adjacent to Kyoto? Lake Biwa formed 400 million years ago is one of the worlds oldest freshwater lakes. The beauty of the lake and its clear waters attract many visitors, both local and foreign to its shores seeking relaxation and adventure.

Setagawa river is the one and only river flowing out of the giant lake. In the Edo period (1600-1868) the ancestors of Ryotei Amisada served feudal lords (Daimyo) Tempura made of fish caught from this river on its banks and that was the origin of Ryotei Amisada.

You are invited to savor the delicate flavors of traditional Japanese cuisine   meticulously arranged as in a beautiful painting, while gazing at the river flowing close-by babbling as it did for many hundred years.

In the tranquil riverside setting overlooking the Setagawa river, we offer both large and small dining rooms

All our rooms are in “horigotatsu” style, Japanese style low dining tables on tatami mat floor with an open pit beneath to stretch out legs, a popular style among Japanese as well as foreign guests.